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Welcome Initiates!

Congratulations to the Spring 2023 Initiate elects! 


     You have distinguished yourselves from your peers both in academic performance and depth of character. You should be proud of all you have accomplished thus far.  You are about to join an internationally renowned group of engineers and engineering students that exemplify the high academic and moral standards established by the Pi Tau Sigma organization.

We've created a webpage just for you that contains all the information you will need as you progress through the initiation period.  Under the "INITIATES" tab on the top right corner of the toolbar on this website, you'll find lots of helpful info.

Fall 2023 Initiate Coordinators

Grant Ashcaft

Anthony Bierschenk

Jayden Walker


Service Project Policy

All pledges will be required to attend the three service projects. If you need to miss a service project you must let one of the initiate coordinators know as soon as possible. The validity of missing an initiate project will be solely at the discretion of an executive council of officers.

Meeting Attendance Policy

Attendance to meetings is mandatory; however, you will be allowed 1 EXCUSED absence, i.e.: family, test, work, or interview. You will need to let one of the initiate coordinators know ASAP and before the meeting. If you have an absence that is not excused it will be up to the discretion of the executive council of officers as to the repercussions. Those repercussions could include another service project or removal from the pledge process.



There will be a minimum of two quizzes given and not exceed one quiz per initiate meeting. You must make a score of 80% on all quizzes. Failure to achieve this score holds the same repercussions as missing a meeting as described above.


Keys and Signature Sheets

At each initiate meeting, progress on the polishing of an initiate’s key and obtaining the signatures of members will be checked. The initiate must obtain a minimum of 25 signatures from actives on the first page. The initiate must obtain 100% of the signatures of officers, grad students, and faculty members on the second page. There is no exception to this requirement. This is an honorary society and we expect this from all initiates in the completion of the pledge process. The polishing of keys shall be done completely by hand. The key is a symbol of our society and is bestowed on active members upon their graduation. The key is therefore an important part of this organization and adherence to excellence is expected.



Attendance to initiation is MANDATORY. A formal dress is required. The preamble reproduction is also done at this time. Exact reproductions including punctuation and spelling of the preamble are expected. Failure to meet this expectation holds the same consequences as missing a meeting described above.  

Initiate Point Portal

Initiates only: submit all your points here

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