Sheela Sharma

Sheela Sharma is a senior from Allen, TX, majoring in Mechanical Engineering with minors in mathematics and physics. She's a huge New Orleans Saints fan and is never far from a book. After graduation she plans on going to grad school for her masters before getting a job doing something cool, though she hasn't quite decided what that is yet...


Melvine N'Doumi

Melvine N'Doumi is a Senior majoring in Mechanical Engineering and minoring in Mathematics. Originally from West Africa, specifically from the Ivory Coast (Côte d’Ivoire). He is also an Artist and Musician and has his songs (in French and English) available on all major digital music platforms, such as Spotify and Apple Music.

Internal Vice President

Pedro Silva

Pedro Silva is a transfer student from McLennan Community College located in his home town of Waco, Texas. He Grew up in Baylor country but quickly fell in love with Texas Tech and the engineering community in Lubbock. Outside of school he enjoys spending time with friends and family, playing disc golf, working out and just wasting time anyway possible. For any new comers to the Hub City, he strongly recommend butter masala at Tikka Shack and a BRM from Bahama Bucks.

External Vice President

William (Chris) Wohlschlag

William (Chris) Wohlschlag is a senior mechanical engineering student at Texas Tech University. He enjoys excessive coffee consumption, climbing, and the Oxford Comma. He plans to graduate in December 2020 and pursue work in energy.


Katie Alexander

Katie is a Senior Mechanical Engineering student from Lubbock, Texas. She is minoring in Wind Energy, and was a member on the Techsan Wind Project. Techsan Wind is a team of students who design and build a model scale wind turbine. In May 2018, they traveled to Chicago to the American Wind Energy Association National Conference and competed at the Department of Energy Intercollegiate Wind Energy Competition. This year, Katie is Student Lead of the Techsan Wind Project who will compete in Boulder, CO this May. Katie will also work as an intern for Wanzek as a field engineer at construction sites for future wind farms. She plans to graduate in May 2020 and pursue a career in wind energy.


Nathan McKinley

Nate McKinley is a senior Mechanical Engineering student from Austin, TX. He takes his responsibility as Fundraising Chair very seriously; his job is to get money, and that's exactly what he is going to do. This is not the sort of man you want to owe the slightest amount of money to. Nate dreams of one day having a disposable income, perhaps even of becoming a successful entrepreneur. He has worked tirelessly for months toward amassing the willpower to one day start looking into launching his latest business venture: Fake Spaniard (it's gonna be a thing). The plan? Simple: you pay him to show up at your party in a cheap linen suit and pretend to be a Spaniard. A method actor, Nate will not break character for anything, and has watched The Mask of Zorro 26.667 times in preparation for the role. Yes, he is quite aware that Antonio Banderas is not a Spaniard. He quite frankly does not care, and neither does the kind of person who would hire a Fake Spaniard.

Fundraising Chair

Natalie Winger

I am a junior student in my 5th year at Tech. I have another degree in Agricultural Economics, but I decided engineering was my passion! I have a dog (Pretzel) and cat (Tipsy)! You might see Pretzel around at events, come say hi!

Social Chair

Shilah Chhadua

Shilah Chhadua is a Junior from Austin, TX, majoring in Mechanical Engineering. She enjoys hiking, traveling, and watching movies. After graduation she plans to attend graduate school for Industrial Engineering. 

Service Chair

Preston Abadie

I’m a senior in Mechanical Engineering from Richardson, Texas. In my free time I like to practice guitar and watch Working Moms. In the future I hope to pursue a career in robotics engineering.

Initiate Coordinator

Derek Sanchez

I am a senior year Mechanical Engineering student who likes to rock climb and play Professional Foosball (yes foosball, not football). I eat Chipotle so much that the workers there have my order memorized and at this point, I'm too afraid to stop going because they might think something happened to me. I will be graduating in Fall 2019 and I hope to get a job somewhere in a big city in Texas, and hopefully something that works in the aerospace industry. 

Initiate Coordinator

Claire Schneider

I am a senior ME student at TTU from the small town of Muenster, TX. I enjoy running, all of the iced coffee I can get my hands on, and trying new foods. I have a sweet german shepherd/terrier mix (weird, I know) named Natty. Although I have loved my time here in Lubbock, after graduation in May I plan to move back to the DFW area to work for an engineering consulting firm. 

Believe in yourself and have faith in your abilities! & as always.. wreck 'em! 

Public Relations

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